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donate <money> to <deity>
offer <object> to <deity>
sacrifice <animal> to <deity> with <weapon> [on altar]


Altars for non-player deities where you can donate money, make offerings, and perform sacrifices to the gods.


Money should be donated. Other inanimate objects may be offered, but deities are quite picky about what specific items they will accept. Only certain animals can be sacrificed.

Each altar is dedicated to a specific deity. Not all deities accept sacrifices. Attempting to seek the favour of one deity at the altar of another is not recommended.

If the deity accepts your donation/offering, your alignment will move towards that specific deity's ideal alignment. If an offering or sacrifice is especially pleasing they may also bestow other rewards.

Priests and worshippers of a player deity may still seek favour from non-worshippable deities at altars without incurring an apostasy penalty.

Your skill in slaughtering animals affects how well a sacrifice is performed, and your skill at performing special rituals affects how much favour your offerings and sacrifices attract.