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Discworld command help



warcry - Yell out a cool saying.


warcry <words>
warcry random


Called as you are to a life of dedicated slaughter, you have come to realise that you are destined for some special task, either as a result of Fate, or others of the gods, or some unfinished labour of your ancestors. Whatever the nature of this geas laid upon you, you have discovered that it has given you the ability to dismay an opponent in battle with a loud warcry. Before joining combat, therefore, issue the command "warcry" or "warcry <words>".

A warcry will take 10 fighting points to prepare and another 10 when combat starts. Your bonus in fighting.special.tactics is tested against your opponent's bonus for the same skill.

Since you don't want to use a whole lungful of breath just before battle, your warcry should be short and precise.

A ".warcries" alias can be used with "warcry random" to issue a random warcry. In the alias, each warcry should be separated with a ";".


> warcry Onward with the Cabbage!
You prepare to shout "Onward with the Cabbage!" upon joining combat.
> kill merchant
You shout: Onward with the Cabbage!
The greedy merchant is rocked by the bloodcurdling warcry.

> alias .warcries Death to wombles!;Victory!;Run away or die
Added alias ".warcries".
> warcry random
You prepare to shout "Death to wombles!" upon joining combat.