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Discworld command help



splint - splint someone's broken limb


splint my <side> leg
splint <side> leg for <name>


The splint command lets you bandage and brace a broken leg so that you may move freely again whilst it heals over time. It can be applied twice in the event of the patient breaking both legs at once.

You will need some equipment to fashion a splint: a few willow withes to support the limb and bandages to bind them on.

Your success in making the splint will be based on your skill in crafts.medicine.treatment.injury, whilst how fast the splint heals will depend on your skill in magic.methods.mental.charming. It will cost 50 crafts gp to apply the splint, and 30 magic gp to charm it.


> splint my right leg
> splint left leg for Womble

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