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Discworld command help



Rifle - Attempt to take inventory of a container that is in something else.


rifle <container> in <object>
rifle purse of <object>


With the rifle command you can stealthily take inventory of another object's container. You cannot use this command while you are in combat in that location.

Your ability to get an accurate inventory depends on your skill bonus in covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand with the difficulty based on the ambient light of your environment, the total amount of light on yourself, things you are carrying, the size of the container and its number of pockets.

If you succeed at all depends on your target's bonus in adventuring.perception (if living). Should you fail you might come out of hiding.

Rifling costs a total of 20 guild points.


rifle backpack in seamstress
> You rifle through the large backpack's contents and manage to make a
rough inventory.
You think the large backpack contains 10 red roses, 5 love letters,
a whip, a "Cleavage" button, a pillow-gnawing orgasm, a pair of golden
handcuffs, a pair of alligator-skin knickers and many packets of edible
strawberry-flavoured Sonkies.

See also

covert, sneak, hide, ambush, peek, backstab