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Discworld command help



kick - launch a special kick attack on someone


kick <living>
kick <living> [in|at] [the] <zone>
kick compare <zone 1> with <zone 2>
kick <living> [in|at] [a] random [zone]


This command allows you to prepare an unarmed attack with your feet against an opponent in combat.

Your ability in fighting.special.unarmed determines your ability to prepare the attack, and your weapon skill determines the efficacy of your attack. It will cost you 35 to 40 fighting guild points to attempt to kick, depending on the zone chosen.


Aside from launching a special kick attack directly (using the "kick <living>" syntax), you can do more damage by targeting specific vulnerable zones in your opponent using the dedicated syntax. Targetable zones are: chest, face, knees, feet, stomach, shins and back of the head. It is possible that some of these are not available to all guilds.

While these targeted attacks do more damage than untargeted attacks, they are correspondingly harder to prepare. You can use the kick compare syntax to see the relative difficulties and damage of various zones. To compare a given zone with untargeted specials, use for instance "kick compare chest with body".

Note that some zones which are good in one special attack can be weak or even unavailable in other special attacks. To do a zone-targeted special, without specifying the zone, use the "kick <living> random" syntax.