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juggle - amaze and astound by artfully throwing things around


juggle <objects> [in] <pattern> [pattern]
juggle info <pattern>
juggle list [patterns]
juggle stop


This command allows you to juggle various items in a juggling pattern that you know. You can only juggle objects you can hold and each pattern has its own requirements which you can check with the "juggle info <pattern>" syntax.

It will cost you 15 fighting guild points to start juggling with an ongoing guild points cost dependent on the pattern you perform.


> juggle list patterns
You know the following juggling pattern:
Brother Sammy's Cascade
You recall the juggling patterns you know.

> juggle balls in Brother Sammy's Cascade pattern
You prepare to juggle Brother Sammy's Cascade.

> juggle stop
You stop juggling.

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