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imbue - Store a spell in a hag stone.


imbue <hag stone> with <spell>
imbue <magick crystal> with <spell>


One of the most common natural talismans, in the sense of being accepted as such among all races, is a stone with a natural hole through it. This is sometimes referred to, although not within earshot of any man, as a "hag stone" and is recognised as symbolising the female genitalia. By virtue of this, such stones are considered to have great power.

The imbue command lets you store the magic of a spell in such a stone, given that you know the spell and that the stone has not already been imbued. Your success is determined by your bonus in magic.items.talisman compared to the level of the spell, and imbuing will cost the same number of magic points as it would cost to cast the spell being imbued.

Some spells may also be imbued into magick crystals, which harness the energy of the spells and bestow their effects on any person who then wears the crystal. Or so some say, at any rate.

Imbuing a crystal requires that you can successfully cast the spell in question and costs the same number of magic points required to cast it, plus an additional 50 points for small crystals or 100 points for large ones.


> imbue small stone with Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment
You stare intently at the small stone and imbue it with Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment.

> imbue small crystal with Banishing of Prying Eyes
You wrestle Banishing of Prying Eyes into submission and squeeze it into the crystal.
> A speck of jet forms at the heart of the crystal and slowly expands.

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