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Discworld command help



iai - Draw your sword and slash someone into pieces.


iai <person> with <weapon>


With the Agatean iai technique (lit. "To free the blade to cut open the bellies of the unworthy dogs") you can draw a weapon from its scabbard and attack your opponent in one movement. To use this technique one of your hands must be free, and a sword suitable for a slicing or slashing motion must be in a scabbard. Iai is used to initiate combat, so you can't be fighting while using this command. Your skill in fighting.special.weapons determines your ability to prepare, which costs 60 fighting points, and your skill in fighting.melee.sword determines your ability to hit your opponent. Your skill in your chosen weapon determines the efficacy of your attack.


> iai warrior with sword
You draw the long sword from its scabbard and make a sweeping slash at the hairy warrior.

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