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Discworld command help



ensumpf - Bury a corpse to the greater good of your god.


ensumpf <corpses>


Using this command, you can perform a ritual to destroy the carcasses of your fallen enemies with fire and acid.

Please note that all items in the corpse will be taken with the corpse. The process will contribute to the glory of your deity and, if you are out of alignment, move you a little closer towards being in favour.


Due to the militant nature of Sek's priests, they are able to perform ritual burial in combat faster than at other times. However, to fully realise this benefit requires sufficient ability.


> ensumpf corpse

You call on Offler, the Crocodile God to destroy the corpse of a man with furious malice.

You invoke the power of Offler, the Crocodile God, and the area around the corpse of a man begins to bubble and froth, drawing it downwards to leave nothing but a trace of noxious gas.

See also

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