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Discworld player help



title - sets the player title


title <title>
title none
title random
title quest none
title quest random
title quest


This command sets your player title and quest title. The player title is the bit that will show up before your name, as in Mr Turrican or Miss Wyvyrn. You can only set your player title to one title.

Using 'title' by itself will tell you your current title, and the list of titles available to you.

The 'none' argument sets the title back to nothing.

Using 'title random' one of your titles will be picked out for you at random.

You can use the 'brief names' command to stop titles from being displayed by people.


You can also control the quest titles with this commands, the ones that show up in the whois commands and in various other places. You can either set the title to be the default 'random', which picks a quest title for you at random each time you log in; 'none', which displays nothing, or a specific title.


> title
Your player title is currently not set.
You can set your player title to one of Mr, Miss, Mrs and Ms.

> title mr
You set your player title to Mr.

> title miss
You set your player title to Miss.

> title none
You reset your player title.

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