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take - a synonym for 'get'


get <object>
get <object> from <object>


Get is a basic command that allows you to get objects from your environment and from other objects and move them to your inventory.


> look
This is a very boring room.
A red pencil.
A large elephant.

let's say you want the pencil...
> take pencil
You get a pencil.

let's say you want the elephant...
> take elephant
You cannot carry that much weight.

Example 2

> look
This room is even more boring than the first one.
A large box.

> l at box
A large box.
Box contains:
A small womble.

> take womble from box
You get a small womble from the large box.

Neat thing

> look
This room is unbearably boring.
A red marble.
A green melon.
A pink glass.
A piece of paper.

> take all
You get a red marble, a green melon, a pink glass and a piece of paper from the boring room.

One last example:

> look
The last of a series of boring rooms.
Corpse of a large wombat.

> take all from corpse
You get a set of teeth, a massive diamond, and a piece of paper from corpse of large wombat.

Simple, no?

See also

get, drop, put, give