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syntax - Show the patterns available for a certain command


syntax <verb>


This command allow you to see what syntaxes are allowed for a certain command. The syntaxes are the patterns which are matched when a particular command is attempted.


> syntax read
The syntaxes available for the command 'read':
read <object>
> syntax bow
The syntaxes available for the command 'bow':
bow [to] <any-living>
bow <string>
bow <string> [to] <any-living>

What do all these things mean? Well, they all specify how the command will be parsed. The things inside '<' and '>' are special matching specifiers. They can be one of the following below:

objectAny object in your inventory or on the ground.
any-livingAny living person anywhere in the game, this allows you to deal with people not in the same room with you.
distant-livingAny living object that is not in the same room as you.
livingAny living person in the same room with you.
prepositionA preposition is a sort of joining word. They are things like 'on', 'from', 'under', just put in what feels most comfortable to you.
stringA collection of words. Will match 1 or more words.
wordA single word.
numberA number, the number must be in numerical format. It does not handle numbers as words (currently).
fractionA special sort of number, it is specified as something like 12/2, or whatever.

If the words are enclosed in '{' and '}' then it is a list of required words. For instance if there was a {bing|red|blue} in the pattern string, then the pattern would match either bing, red or blue in that place. One of these words MUST be there for the pattern to match.

If the words are enclosed in '[' and ']' then it is a list of optional words. It is parsed the same as the list above, except this parameter is optional and you do not need to fill it in.

Inside the '[', ']' something may be specified in '<', '>'. They have the same meaning as in the '<', '>' table shown above, except they are optional.

If there is nothing enclosing the words. Then they are required parameter and they must be typed in as shown.

Good luck! - Pinkfish.

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