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rot13 - Transform text with the rot13 algorithm.


rot13 <string>


In the words of the Jargon File (online version 4.3.1):

[...] The simple Caesar-cypher encryption that replaces each English letter with the one 13 places forward or back along the alphabet, so that "The butler did it!" becomes "Gur ohgyre qvq vg!" [...] It is used to enclose the text in a sealed wrapper that the reader must choose to open — e.g., for posting things that might offend some readers, or spoilers. A major advantage of rot13 over rot(N) for other N is that it is self-inverse, [...].


Please note that this command should not be used as an excuse to post things that would normally be against the rules.


> rot13 foo
You rot: "sbb".
> rot13 sbb
You rot: "foo".
> rot13 The butler did it.
You rot: "Gur ohgyre qvq vg.".

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