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Discworld player help



look - Give a long description of the object.


look [at] <object>
look <direction>
look around


Look is the command you use to get information on the things in your environment and in your inventory. On its own, it gives you the description of your environment, that is, the location where you are. If you look at an object, you are given the long description for that object. You can even look at an object held or worn by another person! You can also look into locations that are adjacent to your current location, assuming that there are no obstacles such as closed doors in the way, and in some places, like an open square, you can look around to look at many neighbouring locations at once.


> look
> look at lynscar
> look at second sword
> look north
> look around
> look hat on KATia

See also

examine, glance, inventory, show, weigh, appraise, condition