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history - Command history.


history [from] <number> [to] <number>
history [from] <number> [to end]
history [from start] [to] <number>
history channels
history channels since last


History is used to review the most recent commands you have typed. You can also redo these commands in a number of ways. Each of the commands in the history list has a number next to it.

If you type "history" you'll get a list of your last commands. These can be navigated with commands like "history 150", which will give commands from number 150 onwards. If more commands are needed, "history 150 190" will give the history between the two numbers.

Typing ".34" will redo command number 34. If you type ".ki" it will execute the most recent command that is remembered that begins with the letters ki. Also, as a shortcut, the command "." will execute the most recent command. That being the last one you typed.

Using the syntax "^word1^word2" you can do a search and replace on the last command typed replacing every occurrence of word1 with word2.

The syntax "history channels" will give you a list of every talker or club channel you currently have access to which contain a chat history to read. "history channels since last" will do the same, but won't list channels that haven't had chats since you last used the command.


> tell kaos bing?

Kaos is not logged in.

> ^kaos^khaos

You ask Khaos: bing?

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