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Discworld player help



drag - Drag an object in some direction


drag <object> <direction>
drag assist <player>
drag unassist <player>
drag [list]


Even if an object is too heavy for you to carry, you may still be able to move it by dragging it after you using this command. The direction you enter is the same word or words you'd enter in order to simply move in that direction normally. You'll be able to drag heavier things if you are carrying less on you.

Another way to drag heavy stuff is to get someone else to help you, using the drag assist syntax. This will cause the assisting player to automagically help drag the object when the main player tries to move. The drag assist will stop when the drag unassist syntax is used OR when the assisting player goes to a separate room to the player initially attempting the drag.

'drag' or 'drag list' will show you if you are assisting anyone, or if anyone is assisting you.


[ location description ]
A bastard sword is on the ground.
> drag sword north
You get hold of the bastard sword.
You drag the bastard sword behind you.
[ new location description ]
You let go of the bastard sword.

See also

get, take, drop