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Discworld player help



access - Change which sites you can login from


access add <address>
access remove <address>
access ip
access reset


This command allows you to setup a list of sites (IP addresses) from which your character can login. This can help prevent unauthorised use of your character.

When someone tries to login your character the system will check your IP address against your allow list. If the address is not on the allow list they will not be permitted to login. You can setup a list of addresses you are allowed to login from. If you completely clear your list of sites you can login from, it stops the restrictions from working.

The 'access ip' option will show you the address you are currently logged in from.

Using 'access reset' will clear your allowed address list.


Addresses should be given using dotted quad notation (eg. To permit groups of addresses partial addresses may be given (eg. 127.0).

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