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klondike solitaire

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klondike solitaire


klondike solitaire - a solitaire game with cards


start new game on <solitaire>
move <position|draw> to <position|away> on <solitaire>
draw cards from draw on <solitaire>


This is the game most people think of when they think of solitaire. It is the matching uneven colours of lowering numbers and putting away cards to the top bit in increasing numbers.


Building Stacks: The building stacks are found in the bottom half of the screen. The leftmost stack has one card, with each subsequent stack having an additional card. Only the top card of each stack is face up. Removing the top card from a stack will turn over the card below it.

Deck: The deck is located in the upper left corner of the screen and contains the cards which are not found in the source stacks. Three cards are removed at a time and placed onto the stack beside it.

Suit Stacks: The suit stacks are located in the upper right corner and are initially unoccupied.

Moving bits

An ace can be moved to an empty suit stack (away).

A King can be moved to unoccupied building stack.

A card of one higher number of the correct suit can be placed on top of the card already there.

A card of one lower number of a different colour can be placed onto the end of stacks in the building stack.

Complete stacks can be moved around in the building stacks so long as the top card corresponds to the correct sequence when it is moved. (As defined above)


> move a to g on solitaire
> move draw to away on solitaire
> move draw to b on solitaire
> move c to away on solitaire
> draw cards on solitaire

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