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Discworld concepts



The travelling shop


The T-shop.

Bizarre and mysterious, travelling shops flit into existence in some city street somewhere, but once they're there, they've always been there, and no-one can remember a time when they weren't there. And then, one day, they'll stop being there, and no-one will remember they were ever there. Existing only to sell magical artifacts to the right person, or to make a tidy profit from items acquired from distant lands, the travelling shops are truly a strange artefact of the low reality field of the Discworld.

But you don't care about that. You just want to find it, and surely someone, AT LEAST ONE PERSON, must know where it is. So you ask on the talker. No-one replies. Maybe they didn't hear you. Let's ask again. And again. And again.

Stop now.

Nobody knows. It travels. It could be anywhere. In fact, right now, it probably has no physical connection to the rest of the Discworld. There's probably no-one in it anyway, else they would have told you the first time you asked.

So stop asking already. Maybe you will stumble across it one day, maybe someone will shout out where it is, maybe someone will remember you when they see it next and tell you.

Enjoy the game, explore, ask once and then not again for a few hours. You'll find a travelling shop, maybe just not right now.

You cannot purchase more than one item from the Traveling Shop within a 24-hour period.