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special abilities

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special abilities


Special abilities - combat bonuses in your chosen speciality


To encourage diversity in playing styles, there are a number of "special abilities". These are talents which make you better at certain areas of combat. All special abilities are passive and do not require the use of commands. There are many aspects of combat which have an associated special ability, for instance: defending other players, fighting unarmed or using particular tactics settings.

The catch, however, is that you can only have one special ability. Once chosen, you can easily swap your ability for another.

Your current special ability is shown in your (verbose) score.

Learning special abilities

At various places on Discworld, statues of ancient heroes have been placed, along with a plaque describing what special ability they were renowned for.

To learn a special ability, you can meditate at the corresponding statue. By meditating at the same statue again, you will forget the ability. Alternatively, if you have a special ability and meditate at a different statue, you will forget the first and learn the new one in its place.

Not all abilities can be learned by everyone: some abilities are limited to certain guilds, or require specific skills, quests or achievements before they can be learned.