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Discworld player help



editor - Set default editor


options input editor=<type>
editor <type>


This command allows you to set the editor which is used when you add messages to the bulletin board or send mail to someone. In fact whenever you are using an editor :) The currently supported types are menu (which is the default), command, magic, web and ed.

The menu editor comes up with menus prompting you at most points. The command one is based on you typing in the commands from the command line prefaced with a ~. ie ~h is for help. Ed is the editor that some people love and hate. Please do not try this editor unless you have used it before, or are feeling particularly masochistic. The magic editor was written by Presto. He thinks it's pretty keen.


> options input editor=command
Editor now set to command.
> editor web
Editor set to web.

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