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Discworld concepts



Discworld MUD uses a character-based display system. This system does not permit layout control but it does provide some controls for screen size and colours.

Terminal type

By default Discworld assumes the safe terminal mode of 'dumb'. All text is sent in plain form wrapped and paged according to the default settings.

If you just wish to enable colour 'term ansi' should do the trick. If you are using a MUD client you may wish to try 'term network'. With this setting the MUD will ask your client about its window size and capabilities.

Rows and Columns

Text on Discworld will be wrapped to whatever width the MUD believes your display to be. You can control this with the 'cols' command.

Commands which output multiple lines of text will split the output into pages corresponding to the number of rows your display has. You can change this with the 'rows' command. If you are using a mud client with scrollbars you may wish to set this to a very large number and use your mud client's paging.


Discworld supports the Mud eXtension Protocol. This system enables more sophisticated display control, exits as hyperlinks and so forth. MXP is supported by some clients including zmud, mushclient and pueblo.


Colour is primarily used to classify different types of information. In the use of colour we follow two precepts. "less is more" and "your screen, your colours".

Note that because Discworld uses British English spelling rather than American English commands will respond to colour rather than color.

Configuring colours

You can configure the colours that messages are displayed in with the 'options colour' command.

User colour

By default other players cannot control the colour of messages on your screen. Their entries in 'who', 'refer', 'finger' etc. will be in your chosen foreground colour.

You can enable user colour with the command 'options output usercolour = on'.

Note however that some users may choose to have text displayed in your background colour making it invisible. Others may use colour to attempt to con you into thinking you have died, been attacked, dropped things, you name it, someone has probably tried it.

zMUD Colour

If you use the zMUD client and wish to use its custom colour capabilities see 'help zmud_colours'

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