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Capture The Flag - How to play CTF


Game basics:

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a team game in which the basic idea is to find and hoist a flag as many times as you can within a time limit. Everyone is welcome to play CTF, both playerkillers and non-playerkillers. During the game, nearly every ability that you have is permitted. This means that you can use any means at your disposal to win the game. Even better, anything you do whilst in the arena will have no effect on your character outside of the game; that is, you will not lose any lives, experience points, spells, items, or pets.

The following document is a rough overview of the game, please remember to read the specific room help files, available with "help here" whilst in the arena rooms!

Starting the game:

NOTE: Quasimodo in the belfry will take care of any pets or bats you wish to keep safe during your game. Any magical effects that you have on you WILL be lost, so you may want to get rid of those where the loss has consequences, for instance any effect storing an item.

First, you need to create teams - the game requires a minimum of two teams. In the room with the gong the commands "create <team name>" and "add <player>" are used to make the teams; teams can also be "disband"ed, and each player may "withdraw from team" if they wish. To create a team, all proposed members must be present to "accept" their involvement in the game. After you have created and assembled your teams, one player must strike the gong and set the time limit for the game, with "strike <object> for game of <minutes>". Doing this will open the entrances to the team bases. All players will have five minutes during which to prepare for the game. Looking at the boulder will now list the team names and their respective members for the game.

Entering the game:

When you enter the game, your inventory will be removed from you, and will be returned following the completion of the game. Also, any shields that you have or implements floating around you when you enter your team base will be removed for the duration of the game. Enter your team base to start the game.

Your team base is the location where you start and exit the game. It is also a safe room: the members of the other teams can not enter it. Use the remaining preparation time to equip your team for the game. In summary, you can "list" the different equipment racks available, and then "select" three different weapon racks and one misc rack. You cannot select or change racks once the game has started, so be quick! Your team members can then equip with the desired items from the selected racks. There is always an infinite supply of whatever weapon or armour type is required. Note that you need to use the specific names of the items in the racks, while "get satchel" will not work, "get small satchel" will. See "help here" within the team base room for more information about the racks and how to use them.

Playing the game:

After five minutes the gong will sound and the flag will be dropped in a random place. Locate the flag, using the "flag" command, grab it, and head to the flag pole in the courtyard. When at the flag pole, "hoist flag". Flags will keep dropping until the game reaches the time limit set at game creation.

If you should die during the game, you are teleported back to the team base and will be paralysed for one minute. At the end of the game, all players will be brought to the church and their inventories and shields returned to them. Your team will get points both for hoisting the flag and for killing other team members.


Two things are counted toward your score during a CTF game: Flag hoists and kills. Hoists are worth the most of all, while killing a player yourself is worth far more than ganging up on them.

That said, there are many things that you can do within the game that may not affect your score directly, but still help your team. For instance, trapping the opposing team in vines may mean that you can hoist the flag unopposed or even kill them one by one, at your leisure.


There have been reports of inventory bugs related to the CTF arena in the past. Discworld MUD administration and the Liaison domain are satisfied that most of these have been caught and fixed. However, if you do experience any inventory related problems following a game of CTF, do NOT start another game until you have spoken to a liaison.

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