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Discworld New Persons guide


Credits and other useless information for the great and wholesome mud Discworld.

I guess I should start this credits file to the person to whom a lot of the credit lies. He who wrote all the books upon which this place is based. Terry Pratchett. Make sure you go out and buy all his books... Right?

Some credits to people who have made Discworld what it is today. These are also people you can send hate mail to if you happen to feel that way. The names of the innocent have not been disclosed as they had nothing at all to do with it anyway.

These are all people who had a lot to do with the Disc and some of what they did. The first person we should probably say something for is the original God of this noble mud back when it was called Discworld III. Ben. He has since lost his net access and well. He probably doesn't even have a character here. Oh ye of little thanks huh?

One other person that deserves a lot of thanks is Godot. He was one of the first creators on Discworld, and the oldest creator we had... Though, alas he has now left us. He joined us in about January of 1992.

Of the sites through which Discworld has passed there have been a number of additional wombles. The first and foremost womble was Ben as mentioned before. The second womble we gained from running on a site in America was Sandman, you may meet him on Nirvana some day. The next womble that fell our way was Bastian. You may also meet him on Nirvana if you are lucky, or unlucky. The next and current site gained us DrGoon. People who have had something to do with running the mud and are not mentioned in this document so far are Eskarina (now renamed), Furball, Ember, Zoroaster, Lynscar and Bil.

Furball, Lynscar, Ember and me (Pinkfish) were the first people who started working on Discworld's code. They have each written some of the code on the Mud, either in the driver, the mudlib itself or just sort of scribbled things on bits of paper and yelled at me. Bil joined us on our second site in America and he added a lot of strange and interesting ideas to the game. One of the main thingies you will probably notice is the nicely formated who and the inventory code, and of course... Several soul commands. Zoroaster turned up during our stay on the second site as well. He wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Bil, he wasn't on 27 hours a day. But it was him who convinced Bastian to run Discworld on his machine when we lost the site Sandman had given us previously. He also wrote a fair amount of code, and is responsible for quite a number of soul commands amongst other things (he was responsible for the idle like Pinkfish one, mutter mutter).

The current bunch of loonies who run this huge monstrosity of letters and computer chips are of course totally mad. I will write about some of the more recent additions to the fold of Discworld.

Piecemaker has done a lot towards making interesting areas and advancing the causes of flying carpets in the Disc. He is the author of one of the more interesting mobiles in the mud. Carrot.

Signe has been a great leader of rabbits and has managed to give the mud direction where it lacked before. She pulled this mud out of the mire where it was wallowing and got several areas of the mud which would not have been doing anything, developed.

The wonderful world of Nanvaent, a sister mud you could say, brought us the small and bouncy Bill (The l of a difference). He has put in several bug fixes and the author of the much talked about player killing system.

I should mention myself. But there isn't room. So I won't.

Oh, I will then. Pinkfish is the one who has added almost all of the features to this glorious mud. He in fact sneaks in when no one is looking and adds these features randomly to various pieces of code. If you notice some of these features, you know who to shower with your blessings.

BTW the record for idling the longest is still held by Bastian who fell asleep at the keyboard once.