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There are two different sorts of clubs on Discworld, personal clubs and elected clubs. Personal clubs are ones that are controlled by one person and they have the power to change any element of the club they wish to change. An elected club is run by an elected group of players and they can only change elements of their clubs by voting.

You must register your club with the patrician and he will require quite a lot of money for your club to continue to exist. Discworld's usual language and harassment rules apply to club names, and your money may not be returned if the name is deemed inappropriate.

You can find which clubs are available to join in the club rooms scattered around the disc. You can also find this information online in the club/family listing pages. To join an existing club you need to talk to an existing member of the club and they can invite you to join.

Elected clubs all start off as personal clubs and cannot be changed to be elected until they have reached 10 members in a club and a club cannot stay as a personal club after it has 30 members. An elected club is given several advantages over a personal club, elected clubs get a detailed transaction history of their bank balance, the ability to rent club rooms and the ability to change various extra elements of the club.

All commands in clubs are prepended by the club name in lower case with all the spaces replaced with underscores. For example, if your club is called 'We Care' then to access the club commands you would use 'we_care'.

Clubs all have the following features:

*You can be a member of as many clubs as you wish.
*Clubs all have chat lines.
*Clubs all have identifying insignia.
*A set of commands based on their insignia.

Clubs all have the following commands:

recruitadd new members to the club.
memberslist all the members of the club.
members onlinelist the online members of the club.
members listeningmembers listening to the talker channel.
infoinformation about the club.
emoteemote something onto the talker channel.
talksay something on the talker channel.
historyshow the history of the talker channel.
disbarremove someone from the club.
resignleave the club.
mute on/offturn the talker channel on and off.
brief {on|off}turns brief mode on or off.
brief name <brief name>allows you to choose the way the club name is displayed for club chats. e.g. 'wyvyrn's_wildlife_fund brief name WWF'.

Personal clubs

Personal clubs can only be up to 30 members in size. Only people designated as recruiters are allowed to recruit people into the club. You can only deposit into the bank balance of the club, only automatic deductions will be removed from the club. If the founder leaves the mud for some reason a personal club will be disbanded.

Only the founder of a personal club can change the description of the club.

Elected clubs

Elected clubs can be over 10 members in size. People designated as recruiters can recruit members into the club. The treasurer and president can remove money from the bank account, all members can get a detailed transaction history of the account. The president and the vice president can immediately disbar a member from the club, anyone can start a discussion item to remove someone from the club. The president and secretary can add announcements to the club. Discussion items can be used to discuss elements of the club, like making the club secret or changing the names of the various positions in the club and they can be used as general purpose voting tools. An elected club can continue to function after the founder has left the mud.

Discussion Items control various features of the club. When a discussion item is completed, the results are mailed to the committee, and posted to the bulletin board if the club has one. A history of all the discussion items in the club will be kept that can be perused to see what has happened in the past. A discussion item is not acted upon unless it has quorum. For a committee-only discussion item 3/4 of the committee (i.e. all those elected to a position in the club) are required to vote and for an open vote 1/2 of the club are required to vote for it to have quorum. If there is no quorum, the discussion item cannot be passed.

A nomination will be accepted if at least two people have nominated a person and one of those people is the person being nominated. In other words the nomination needs to be seconded. All nominations for positions in the major elections need to be done in the club control room. The commands on your club badges are only for nominating people and voting for people in discussion items, not general elections.

Elected clubs will be able to lease club rooms and shops.

Special commands on the club badge for Elected Clubs:

voteallows you to vote for certain discussion items. (Note: not general elections)
nominateallows you to nominate people in certain types of discussion items. (Note: not general elections)
list allallows you to list all the current discussion items.
list <number>lists information on the specific discussion item.
discuss <type>adds in a discussion item of the specified type.
archivesshows the archives of finished discussion items and announcements.
announcementshows the club's current announcement.

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