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Don't want to walk? Not sure what's between here and there? Got a long journey ahead of you? There are carriage routes around Discworld that can, given enough time, take you many places.

Carriage routes vary in length from tours of Ankh-Morpork to lengthy excursions spanning the Disc from one end to the other.

Carriage stops are marked with a note, coloured based on which carriage lines stop there. The note will have written on it a list of stops along that route. You may find that a carriage takes you only partway to your destination, in which case you may need to abandon it and transfer to another route somewhere along your journey.

Most carriages travel in a loop, so a carriage running from Ankh-Morpork to Rham Nitz would visit every stop between the two cities, then turn around, stopping again at all of them on the way back.

When the carriage arrives at your stop, a new exit will appear in the room. Enter the carriage to begin your journey. As you travel, the carriage driver will call out the stops. Watch for yours and leave the carriage when it comes.

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