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Caps Lock


Caps Lock is the key on the left hand side of the keyboard, just above the shift key, and just below the tab key. If you have been told to read this then you obviously need to be told where it is, and have been doing nasty things, like spamming the talker with messages in all capitals, or shouting in capitals, being a general pain in the backside, you nasty, horrid, person, I hope your ears grow to the size of bedsheets, your nose drops off, and your lips turn into cacti, you will never sleep again, and are doomed for the rest of eternity to wander the disc, in eternal torment, and Drakkos's underwear (unwashed).

Umm, I mean, please don't use all caps, it is impolite and considered to be shouting. The only one who can get away with speaking in capitals is the one we don't want to meet, and he is really the last person that you'd want to be in court with, suing you for copyright.

If you have not been told to read this, and are just curious, then welcome, my friend, you probably know where your Caps Lock key is, congratulations. Please feel free to pass on the good word of CapsLockLocating(tm), and spread a little happiness around the disc.

See also

death, banishment, pain, torture, suspension_(OK, I_made_some_up)