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Discworld player help


What is a TLA?

Three letter abbreviations (as well as other numbers of letters!) are very popular in online forums and communities, such as Discworld. Some are general online abbreviations, whereas others refer specifically to Discworld related features.

The abbreviated list of TLAs

TLAthree letter abbreviations (also 'three letter acronyms')
FAQ[a list of] frequently asked questions
AFAICas far as I'm concerned
AFAICSas far as I can see
AFKaway from keyboard
AFAIKas far as I know
AMAnkh-Morpork - a Discworld city on the Circle Sea; a coding domain
ASAPas soon as possible
A/S/Lage / sex / location, popular on IRC channels, it is generally not appreciated as a greeting or introduction on Discworld...
AWOLabsent without leave
BBIABbe back in a bit
BBLbe back later
BBSbe back soon
BMIbody mass index - a measurement of weight and height combined
BRBbe right back
BRTbe right there
BTWby the way
CU L8Rsee you later
CWCthe Counterweight Continent - a Discworld continent; a coding domain
DFTTDon't feed the troll
ETLAextended three letter abbreviation (aka a four letter abbreviation)
FTWfor the win - method of indicating that the speaker enjoys or appreciates an aforementioned object or activity
FWIWfor what it's worth
FYIfor your information
GTGgot to go
HANDhave a nice day
HTHhope this helps
ICin character, with regard to role playing (cf OOC)
ICBWI could be wrong
IIRCif I recall correctly
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMMHOin my mostly humble opinion
IMNSHOin my not so humble opinion
IRCinternet relay chat
IRLin real life (cf RL)
LMAOlaughing my [armadillo] off
LOLlaugh out loud; lots of laughs
MUDmulti-user {domain|dimension|dungeon}
NPCnon-player character - a MUD-controlled character (cf PC)
NPKnon-player killer (cf PK)
OICURMToh, I see you are empty; what a drunk says to his bottle
OMGoh my {goodness|god|gods}
OOCout of character, with regard to role playing (cf IC)
OTOHon the other hand
OTTover the top
PEBKACproblem exists between keyboard and chair
PCplayer character - a character controlled by a person; a personal computer
PDA(s)public display(s) [of] affection; a personal digital assistant
PKplayer killer - a player who can kill other PK; player killer death - a death that doesn't cost a life
POpost office
PT{playtest|playtester}, a player with the responsibility of testing new code
RLreal life, a supposed place where you don't mud (cf IRL)
ROFLrolling on [the] floor laughing
RTFMread the friendly manual
RTHread the help file
RTMread the manual
TBHto be honest
TMItoo much information
TTFNta-ta for now, [bye]
TTYTTto tell you the truth
TTYLtalk to you later, [bye]
VETLAvery extended three letter abbreviation (aka a five letter abbreviation)
WRTwith regard to
YMMVyour mileage may vary
YHBTyou have been trolled

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