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The von Brassbridge family was founded by Appelhof in Ankh-Morpork

History of von Brassbridge family originates from a scam turned into huge legal mess when the victim claimed that he really owned the Brass Bridge he had just bought. After years of legal struggle the King - for it was a time when Ankh-Morpork was a kingdom - got tired and appointed the man an Earl of area consisting few square yards under the Brass Bridge.

From that time on the family name along with the earlship and the estate has been sold, gambled, included in scams and even given away, until recently it was bought by an upstart young thief, one Appelhof, after he got a notion that a title and fancy last name would somehow make him more gentlemanlike.

Since then other relatives, as well as close family friends have joined Appelhof under the family name.
The members are:
Appelhof, Dyna, Gaggleogeese, Galderas, Gobbleturkis, Harlequinn, Hasmokos, Illusen, Ixtlan, Jonny, Maladay, Meme, Merrick, Orichalco, Robs, Salt, Sechta, Sleep, Sleet, Spit, Stabbity, Vayle and Vazaroth