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The Uul Khaan family was founded by Fralipolipi in Ankh-Morpork

Long ago and far away, the barbarian king, leader of the horde, head of the tribe of the people of Uul, Svenghis Uul Khaan, growing tired of the endless steppes and the magnificent cloudscapes above them -not to mention fermented horse excretions- turned his gaze towards the Agatean empire.
It was said amongst his people that the Agatean cities where overflowing with loot and women and thus a perfect target for the horde, but Svenghis Uul Khaan was more interested in finding out the truth about other rumours, such as the existence of 'hot baths', 'fresh fluffy towels', 'clean bed sheets' and above all the weird concept of not  sharing your yurt with your horse.
Having in fact hated horses and horse derivatives for all of his life, Svenghis Uul Khaan drove his horde into the Agatean empire and invaded it.
The invasion was succesfull, until one night Svenghis Uul Khaan sneaked off to an Agatean inn, to secretly have a hot bath, enjoy the softness of a fluffy towel and sleep peacefully between white, clean sheets in the total abscence of any horse or horse related drinks. Unfortunately he was spotted by some Agatean scouts and killed by ninja's in his sleep.
His horde, now leaderless, dispersed and those who survived the Agatean retaliation either became Agateans citizens or escaped and spread all over the disc. The descendents of those who belonged to Svenghis family still proudly carry the name of Uul Khaan.
Rumour has it Svenghis still roams the disc as a ghost, searching for the towel that one of the ninja's who killed him took from his corpse.
The members are:
Fralipolipi and Gro