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Teacher was founded by Murky in Ankh-Morpork

To be a teacher, you must have auto teach enabled, (you can do this with options personal auto teach = on,) and you must have at least one skill beyond level 300 and one teaching skill beyond bonus 200. 

Any teacher will teach you on demand, although you may be asked to go to them, rather than them to you. 
Please note that it might be nice to let them know you wish to learn so that they don't wander off!

No payment is required, a teacher's reward is a share in the xp you've expended. 

To learn from a teacher, enter the following command: 
teach me <skill or command> from <person>

for example:
teach me sneak from murky 
teach me from murky
teach me 5 levels of from murky

You will then be told how much xp this will cost, and asked to confirm using the "learn" command. 

Not all teachers have the same proficiencies in the skills, so the xp cost will vary, and not all teachers will be able to teach you a particular skill.   

It will always cost you less xp to learn from another player than from yourself (this is most expensive.) 
It will usually be cheapest to learn from your guild when possible. 

Study hard, and pass those exams! 
The members are:
Abhishek, Acantha, Adyton, Airk, Aiur, Alatariel, Alexxis, Alfa, Almarna, Anguish, Anne, Aphaea, Argyll, Asaram, Ashdug, Astraea, Avenged, Avonlea, Aznin, Badgerhair, Baldarov, Bernard, Bile, Bonobo, Booger, Calosal, Capricorn, Carino, Celem, Chat, Cheeky, Chimara, Cilandros, Cinnamon, Circe, Clanger, Dashi, Dejones, Ecthelion, Eisschrube, Elanor, Elspeth, Emily, Emrys, Erelisa, Estoufee, Eviscerator, Feef, Flamore, Fole, Fraelin, Fraze, Gandalph, Gellan, Geryon, Gnash, Gouzz, Groux, Gurujosh, Haize, Haug, Hirad, Horror, Huff, Iblis, Ilenore, Inige, Jeanie, Joth, Juppie, Kara, Kazuma, Kebbles, Kefka, Kiki, Kikimora, Kikio, Kly, Koofle, Korak, Kwik, Kyr, Lachesis, Liege, Llia, Lucretia, Malword, Martinez, Mattias, Mauve, Mavado, Mirri, Mishal, Morgana, Mugsie, Mumpfi, Myr, Naleon, Narf, Nasrin, Navbug, Nefret, New, Newzeur, Nny, Nosbor, Nuala, Nvader, Ochrion, Orpheo, Ouizardus, Paff, Pame, Paracelsus, Phlogistos, Phyre, Pli, Pommes, Poncho, Psarpsic, Pterrific, Quasar, Quickbeam, Quow, Rangi, Rec, Ressi, Reva, Rig, Rimbaud, Saaur, Saph, Sciante, Scouter, Sekkite, Serakyo, Sergei, Setzer, Shalimar, Sica, Skylark, Sledge, Sleepwalker, Sleet, Spontiff, Sprudleglut, Sprynx, Squ, Stamen, Staria, Starker, Stern, Stonik, Sunniva, Swiper, Switchblade, Taint, Tetrikitty, Thanos, Thejinx, Thoin, Thrakkozz, Timewilltell, Toshinama, Truskan, Unite, Unwise, Uplore, Vaeth, Vull, Wigglefigs, Yase, Yoga, Yokas, Zevious and Zuroc
The recruiters are:
Abhishek, Airk, Alexxis, Asaram, Bonobo, Capricorn, Carino, Cheeky, Chimara, Emily, Erelisa, Eviscerator, Flamore, Fraze, Geryon, Groux, Huff, Iblis, Ilenore, Jeanie, Juppie, Kara, Kefka, Kiki, Kly, Lucretia, Mauve, Nasrin, Navbug, Newzeur, Ochrion, Pterrific, Saph, Sciante, Scouter, Shalimar, Spontiff, Sprudleglut, Sprynx, Squ, Staria, Taint, Tetrikitty, Thejinx, Thoin, Unwise, Uplore, Yoga and Zuroc

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu Mar 30 13:07:49 2023