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Summoners was founded by Mauve in Uberwald


Exchanging thoughts, research and general experiences with all of
the Discworld's summons.  Everyone's welcome!  Apply today!

Priests' summons
Any priest or follower can summon these, provided they have access
to the ritual, directly or via a faith rod.

* Creeping Doom
* Dust Devil
* Totem
* Unquiet Spirit

Wizards' summons
Anyone can summon the following.  Wizards can cast directly from
their mind, others need the appropriate scrolls.

* Brassica Oleracea Ambulata
* Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage
* Grisald's Reanimated Guardian
* Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion
* Union of the Phoenix and Divine Dragon

Witches' summons
Only witches can summon fruitbats but fireflies can be acquired
with spell-imbued crystals.

* Hag's Blessing
* Mother Harblist's Fruity Flyer
The members are:
Charon, Eliza, Mauve, Skippy, Titus and Unsup
The recruiters are:
Charon, Mauve and Skippy