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Scorpion House was founded by Sciante in Ankh-Morpork

This is a club for all members of Scorpion House of the Ankh-Morpork Assassins guild.
The purpose of the club is to bring the members of the House closer together and to work as a channel for House events in the guild.

House members below level 175 in need of money can contact the House Master or the Treasurer, who might grant them a loan. Loans are not given for buying equipment or advancing, but rather for replacing lives and more important things. 
All loans are supposed to be paid back as soon as possible. They can be paid back immediately to the club or to the House Master, the Treasurer, the Vice-president or the Secretary.

In order to keep records of the development of the House it is appreciated if all fresh graduates send a message to the Secretary about it and it will be kept for future generations.

All members of guild level above 175 can be made recruiters if they want to. Donations to the club will be used to cover loans and club expenses.
The members are:
Ashdug, Balea, Calcium, Cooner, Dilitrio, Elite, Faulkes, Fienwan, Foss, Freakchylde, Hoobidaw, Hunnymonster, Iapetos, Iezika, Inignea, Jampaw, Jenufa, Kirrby, Lucid, Marth, Mat, Oliphant, Onikage, Pendrake, Percussor, Pompejus, Ptonk, Ralegoan, Reuchlin, Rumatha, Sciante, Scucca, Shakes, Skull, Slavko, Slowdraw, Talius, Vladimir and Waxbury
The recruiters are:
Ashdug, Balea, Calcium, Cooner, Hoobidaw, Lucid, Pendrake, Pompejus, Ralegoan, Rumatha, Sciante, Shakes, Slavko and Talius

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu Dec 16 20:52:19 2021