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This is a secret club! Information about members is not shown to people outside the club.

This club's primary purpose is to provide a forum in which contracts and
other topics of assassin interest can be discussed in a less public environment
than the talker.

The general rules are designed to take the place of a unified charter.

General rules:

1. Do not discuss the club or what is said on it with non-members.

This includes what is said on the club channel, in votes, archives and club
membership lists.

2. Do not attack club members.

3. Do not steal from or loot club members.

4. Do not interfere with a member's activities.

5. Arranging contracts with the victim or the placer is not allowed.

Rule 1 applies all the time, in any situation.

Rules 2, 3 and 4 do not apply if *you* have a contract on you and are being
actively persued by a club member. They also do not apply in situations where
both parties give permission.

These rules are designed to promote loyalty to the club and its members.
If you find that other loyalties conflict with the interests of the club,
please leave. Attempts to find loopholes to circumvent these rules will not
be looked on favourably. Those found willfully breaking the rules will be
removed from the club.

Recruitment rules:

1. Only members of admin (the treasurer, secretary, vice-president or
   president) may recruit members.

2. Informal voting on potential members will be held on the club channel.

3. Potential members must be able to view PK contracts in at least one book
   and agree to abide by the rules of the club.

Removal rules:

1. Two members must support the removal of another member.

2. Evidence of rule-breaking must be given to a member of admin (preferably
   the president or secretary) who will start the voting process for removal,
   only admin will vote on this.

3. If voting shows equal numbers of fors and againsts, the member will not be