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Council of Seers was founded by Jensang in Ankh-Morpork

Information on council of seers founded by Jensang in Ankh-Morpork.
  The Venerable Council of Seers specializes in Ancient Lore, new magical research, and General Knowledge about Things. They have the skills necessary to Find Things Out.  The Seers are the ones to ask about any obscure bit of knowledge (What is the difference between a prime and a thaum?), and also the ones to ask about current secrets (Where do I get carrots?). The members of the order busy themselves with supplying results of their research to the Dean of Experimentation for his study of magic. They share their observations of various magical fields found of disc (Hub is a good example) and ventilate ideas on the creation of new spells and components. Seers feel naturally at home in the high thaumatic field of disc libraries and navigate these topographic nightmares with the ease and speed envied by the Librarian himself.

- Primaries and Spells

With Scrying (CTS, FFM, KPP, WAMG, WEMG) and Divining (CTS, FCI, FFM, KPP, PPP, REAP, WAMG) as primaries, as well as a good general set of primaries, this is the order is best suited for mastering the following spells: 
* Offensive: FFOD, MPOL, SMR
* Defensive: EFF, HEB, KPP

Graduating students can join the Venerable Council of Seers in the Choosing Room (located in Octagon) of the Unseen University.

Please note that foul and profane language on the club channel will not be tolerated and may lead to immediate expulsion from the club.
The members are:
Ageor, Ailer, Algar, Anton, Arturos, Ashnod, Avienda, Avonlea, Badgerhair, Bremen, Canuk, Chrysalis, Coma, Delphini, Ebenezer, Estoufee, Evan, Firestarter, Fluxate, Goryn, Hovawart, Ism, Judith, Khadgar, Khepri, Klikli, Larania, Lokjin, Lyden, Milen, Mindful, Mithleidh, Mizzou, Mooncat, Pandamonium, Regos, Robgea, Ruhsbaar, Samedi, Shel, Slime, Sona, Tetram, Tuan, Twerkins, Velver, Vlintzii, Vull, Wco, Wolfsbane, Xzar, Zari and Zube
The recruiters are:
Avonlea, Badgerhair, Bremen, Canuk, Estoufee, Evan, Goryn, Khadgar, Klikli, Lokjin, Robgea, Ruhsbaar, Shel, Slime, Tuan, Twerkins, Vlintzii, Vull, Zari and Zube

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Wed Feb 2 12:33:21 2022