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Boardgames was founded by Klawdees in Ankh-Morpork

The Boardgames Club!

A club of like minded people who enjoy playing boardgames on the Disc. Whether
you want to play ---ing words game, Backgammon, Battleslugs, Boggle, Chess,
Connect Four, Exclusive Posessions, Hearts, Klondike solitaire, Liars dice,
Lost cities, Mancala, Mastermind, Mensa regis, Passways, Quick categories,
Scrabble, Six nimmt, Solitaire peg game, Wargames in the Genuan Barracks we've
got someone who will play them with you!

If you're interested in joining then feel free to send a tell to any of our
recruiters. The only requirement is an eagerness to play boardgames!
The members are:
Aberaven, Aerralin, Anastazja, Avenged, Breanne, Bunbury, Charon, Deisz, Dmon, Emily, Etranger, Everest, Exote, Feyfi, Jeanie, Jontara, Juppie, Kamaria, Kina, Klawdees, Kly, Lala, Liplock, Mothergoose, Mursi, Nienna, Persephone, Psitian, Pteri, Pterrific, Radiosilence, Rakah, Rocksteady, Sigma, Sparky, Sycorax, Tade, Tetrikitty, Tomt, Wolfsbane, Woody and Yase
The recruiters are:
Charon, Emily, Juppie, Klawdees, Mothergoose, Psitian and Yase

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu Sep 30 16:12:08 2021