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Posted at Tue May 23 Title: Unseen University Octangle

The Trousers of Time have got into a bit of a tangle (or untangled themselves, depending on your perspective)
and the section of the Unseen University between the Great Hall, the Library, the Tower of Art, and Sator Square
has changed. Or rather, it has always been that way, but only since Saturday 10th Grune Prime UC 2047.

The Great Hall, the Library, the Tower of Art, and indeed the entire rest of the Disc have not changed.

This is the first phase of a project to redesign the entire UU. It has been ongoing since approximately 2002,
and has gone through four different incarnations in that time. The next phase is due on Thursday; we don't yet
know who's going to do it.

If you have blorps to any of the rooms which have now been replaced, you can get them updated by giving them to
the Professor of Recondite Architecture.

Good luck!
Guildenstern & Kake (and Archoplytes, Aristophanes, Capita, Cripsi, Dasquian, Feantur, Gaelen, and Una, all of whom worked
on the New UU project at various times) (and also all the other people who worked on previous versions but whose
names have been lost to the thaumic fluctuations of time)