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Discworld Domains - Ram

The leader of Ram is .

Its deputy is Thorgal.

The Ramtop Mountains are a range of jagged peaks, upland lakes, dense forests and little river valleys so deep that the light has no sooner reached the bottom than it is time to leave again. They stretch from the frozen lands near the Hub all the way, via a lengthly archipelago, to the warm seas which flow over the Rim. Raw magic crackles invisibly from peak to peak and earths itself in the mountains, because the range lies across the Disc's magical standing wave like an iron bar on a pair of subway rails. There are little kingdoms all over the place, every narrow valley, every ledge that something other than a goat could stand on, is a kingdom; Lancre is one of the biggest. At the Disc's Hub, in the centre of the Ramtops, a spire of grey stone and green ice rises ten miles into the air; The Cori Celesti, supporting Dunmanifestin, home of the Disc Gods.

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