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Discworld Domains - Learning

The leader of Learning is .

This is the Learning Domain, a place of quiet erudition and bookish learning! Think of us as your old teachers from school, except without the vaguely unsettling bodily scents.

It's our job to help young, idealistic creators become the bitter, battle-scarred shells they need to be to succeed on Discworld. We will mould you into vicious, twisted engines of pure hate! In the process, you may even learn to code.

Membership of the domain is based on secret and complicated criteria. Or on the whim of the domain leader. However, projects in the domain are Meaningful.

Mentats are experienced creators who have volunteered to be a point of contact for new creators. If you have a question, then grab hold of one and shake them until answers come out.

Ambassadors are representatives from specific domains, drafted in to help ensure that the specific requirements and quirks of each domain are properly supported.

We're here to help you! Now turn your head and cough.

Learning domain webpages

Members of this illustrious domain: