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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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The Face Of Things To Come, posted on Mon Apr 1 19:59:45 2024
Posted by: Evensong
Category: Guilds
The Face of things to come.

The Fools have continued in their obstinate refusal to Face the fact that they are a joke guild.

Brother Emmett has managed to procure some more stock including a circus tent and some new clothes for those who want to take their show on the road.

Brother Boffo, in addition to tidying up the ledgers containing existing faces so that one can find a registered face more easily, has created a set of forms that can be used to guide a new Fool in the art of creating the perfect face. He invites you all to come and marvel at the collection of Faces on display in the Hall of Faces and welcomes any applications for new Faces.

In support of this return to the FUNdamentals, many Fools around the guild can now be seen sporting their own Face instead of wandering around half-naked.

In completely unrelated news:

A recent publication by the city's medical professions expressed some concern over the long term effects of using lead based paint on the skin after a band of travelling players who had neglected to wash between performances dropped dead on the stage of the Dysk. This earned them the greatest round of applause of their career.

Evensong and Guildenstern



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