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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Now, Turning To Reason, And Its Just Sweetness, posted on Tue Jul 2 11:30:32 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
This blog post is mainly about stat items, but while I'm here:

Erected tents now show up on terrain maps, and people/corpses inside tents can now be located with the relevant rituals.

On to the stat items!

The effects of stacking stat items are no longer dependent on the order in which you equip the items. For positive stat effects, the final effect should now be the best boost that was possible with the old calculation. Moreover, the bless ritual will no longer interfere with equipped stat ...

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Connecting Securely, posted on Sun Jun 23 08:27:43 2024
Posted by: Fran
Category: General and Web
The mud now supports secure connections both when playing from the browser with DecafMUD or using a third party client[1].

To connect with a third party client use host and port 4245.


[1] If the client supports secure connections. Check your client's documentation for support and instructions to enable this feature.

Germane Riposte, posted on Wed Jun 12 14:49:46 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Various bugs in the hunter's pack have been fixed. It should now no longer prevent you from slipping things into it while closed, and it should no longer give the wrong failure message when you try to put something into it that doesn't fit.

Ranged inhumes now take account of the damage types available on the weapon. Specifically, they no longer assume pierce damage unless the weapon can actually inflict that type of damage.

Poison lab equipment will now give a special message at the end of th...

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Nominative Redeterminism, posted on Fri Apr 26 19:00:44 2024
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
Several things were getting confused about their names and plurals. Specifically:

* Fluffy ribbon chokers are now properly jewellery.

* When you have more than one tachibo, they are now two (or more) tachibo, rather than being tachiboes. You can refer to them as tachibo, tachibos, or tachiboes.

* Dead chickens, ducks, and eels can now be properly referred to as "corpses".

In addition, you can now buy newspaper boxes from your spulluf, if you have or can summon a spulluf. If you can't, ignore th...

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Experimental Outbreak!!!!!, posted on Mon Apr 1 10:39:31 2024
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
In an unexpected and totally unforeseeable turn of events, the Bes Pelargic wizards guild reports an unfortunate accident with the results of a scientific experiment breaking free.

"I've never seen anything like this! The catastrophe needs to be contained as soon as possible! We need everyone's help!" according to the junior spokesperson to the guild.

Everyone interested in helping out is asked to report to Professor Shrub in the courtyard. He was not open for commentary when our reporters asked...

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Revisionist, posted on Fri Mar 15 10:08:44 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
* The "brief" command now shows your settings in alphabetical order.

* The lecture timetables in the AM Assassins' Guild now obey your temporal_reality setting.

* When Bernita's wombles deliver flowers, you'll now be able to see in hcomm who sent them.

* Various new breads have been added to the bakery stall in Djelibeybi's bazaar.

* Some witch hats will now keep the rain off when they didn't before.

* The thaum-absorbing pyramids in the outdoor gym at the Institute of Illusory Learning now ...

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The Craft Of Bugfixing, posted on Wed Mar 6 13:40:18 2024
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
* Beard Day beards can now be removed. They will vanish when you do so, but if this makes you sad then you can always su for another one.

* The Morporkian Carriages game will now tell you who won when the game has finished. Moreover, you can now end a game that's got "stuck" by making sure that all players who are still in the room have resigned (see the helpfile attached to the game for more details).

* Decoratable items now have the adjective "decorated" or "undecorated" as appropriate. Mo...

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Why Is This Loon Still Blogging About Parrying?, posted on Fri Feb 23 15:04:35 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: General
In addition to the adjustments that were discussed in previous blog posts, an additional, separate issue was found that related to parrying some ranged attacks (particularly those involving smaller projectiles).

An additional (and hopefully final) change has now been made that should make a far more noticeable difference to parry users defending against small projectiles. This change should mean that your choice of "tactics response" should always be used when defending against ranged attac...

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Parrying What Life Throws At You Pt. II, posted on Thu Feb 22 13:56:17 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: General
I've now made a further adjustment to the weighting of ranged attacks vs parrying defence, as mentioned in the original post on this topic. Again, please submit a bug report if you witness any behaviour you think constitutes a bug or unintended outcome of this change.

I would also like to clarify that this change does *not* affect inhumation attempts in any way. There is separate code that handles those compared to normal ranged attacks.

Have fun!


Parrying What Life Throws At You, posted on Wed Feb 7 15:03:54 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: General
An issue has been identified that made it extremely difficult for anyone using the 'parry' response to defend against the majority of ranged attacks (anything using the thrown/fired skills).

This will have had a significant impact on players who rely on parry in places like the smuggler caves and copperhead mines with aggressive NPCs who like to throw things. It will, however, have been advantageous for players using ranged attacks against parry-using NPCs as well.

The modifier that favoured...

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