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The CounterWeight Continent

The magnificent Port of Bes Pelargic!

Sheltered in a bay, the Port acts as the Empire's only seaport. The Pearl River cleaves the city in half, and the city is split into six main districts. Such is the beauty of the city that the Emperor himself has a Summer Palace there.

To escape the stench of the Forbidden City in the hot summer, the Agatean Empire's nobility move to Bes Pelargic's Imperial District. Famous families currently living there include the Hong family, situated in the Hong-Fa district and the Tang family, who live in the Shoo-Li district.

The presence of the nobility in the summer gives the city a much more sophisticated and aristocratic air about it. This feeling is augmented by the fact that, being the only sea port, what goes on in Bes Pelargic can completely isolate the rest of the Empire from external influences.

This serves to regulate trade and also gives the city a much more cosmopolitan feel. The docks thrive and bustle, and since the new Emperor ascended to the throne, tourism is almost encouraged. (The local inhabitants are more than happy to deal with foreign devils as long as they are not too nosey.)

Bes Pelargic is not all fun and games, however, and near to the docks is the disreputable Red Triangle Area. Located in the district of Bad Poo-Ning, it is filled with bars, low-life, brothels and and ne'er-do-wells.

The remaining districts (Pong Ping and Sum Bing) are crowded residential and commercial areas. Reports from intrepid explorers and immigrants suggest that an age of enlightenment is arriving in the Empire, and that the first tourists will be welcomed early in the new millenium.

However, the Empire is a place of tradition and culture. Do not expect to be welcomed by everyone. Expect Interesting Times.

The capital city of Hung-hung!

The straw-covered streets of Hung-hung are alive and bustling with activity. The Empire's capital city is split into many districts, and each one is full of life.

The people of Hung-hung know no respite when it comes to trading, and every day is market day! They set about their trade with a zeal, and the average Hung-hungese person lives his or her life outside, and at the top of their voice.

This large sprawling city is surrounded by a large wall which seperates it from the geography beyond. Hung-hung is fairly safe from what the Empire considers to be harmful outside influences, as the Empire's only seaport, Bes Pelargic, lies far to the south.

Some steadfast explorers and tourists have been the first to get there, however[1], and early signs show that the people of Hung-hung will welcome most tourists with open arms, as long as they have enough money to spend.

Hung-hung is the Empire's capital, though, and therefore the place where the age-old traditions are most uptight, so don't expect everyone to welcome you.

[1] Simply living there for thousands of years doesn't count.

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