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post office room

Discworld room help

post office room


post office - where you would go to mail messages to people or send
parcels to them


mail <person>

deposit <object> for <person>


This is a room help file. Allows you to send messages to people. If you type mail by itself it will drop you into a menu driver mailer interface.

If you type a person's name after 'mail' it will directly send that message to the person in question.

The help file 'mail' will give you quite comprehensive help on how to use the mailer.

The parcel office is for depositing parcels for other players or for collecting parcels that other players have sent to you.

You can choose to send a parcel anonymously or let the receiver know who it is from.

It is strongly recommended that you remember the following:

1. Each item sent will incur a fee,

2. No money can be sent via parcels

3. Avoid depositing nested items

Nested items are, for example, an item in a bag which is placed inside a box which is put inside a backpack, etc


mail taffyd

deposit jar of jam for siel
Inform recipient of who sent parcel? (y/n):n
Okay, the parcel will be delivered anonymously.

You ask if there are any parcels for you.