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Discworld ritual help



Totem - Transforms an item into a being.


When performed upon an item of significance to your deity, it will summon a creature that protects you. The exact item and creature vary from god to god. To perform this ritual you will need a holy symbol, and you may only command one totem at a time.

Once summoned, the creature can be commanded using either 'ask' or 'order', depending on your preferred tone of voice.


> perform totem on fluff
You chant the psalm of transformation.
You call upon Gufnork to transform a huge ball of orchid fluff.
A dust bunny flashes into being.

> syntax ask
Forms of syntax available for the command 'ask':
ask <object> [to] unprotect <creature>
ask <object> [to] {protect|defend} <creature>
ask <object> [to] follow
ask <object> [to] {kill|attack} <creature>
ask <object> [to] leave
ask <object> [to] focus on <creature>

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by all deities.