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See Consecration

Discworld ritual help

See Consecration


See Consecration — Allows you to identify consecrated items by sight.


This ritual lets you feel the connection between inanimate objects and the gods, making you able to tell at a glance whether they are warded, whether they are remembering a location and whether they have been consecrated, and to which deity.


> perform see consecration
You recite the psalm of acquisition.
You speak the prayer of divination.
You indicate your desire to gain better understanding of Gufnork's items.
Your vision seems to deepen in some undefined way.

> inventory
You are unburdened by:
Wearing : a pair of baggy black trousers (holy to Gapp), a poodle skirt, two club badges, a club badge (holy to Pishe) and a golden thimble (holy to Gapp and warded).
Carrying: a medium leather shield, a dull grey baton (consecrated to Gufnork, warded and remembering) and a set of sapphire prayer beads (consecrated to Gufnork and warded).

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by all deities.