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Withering Touch

Discworld ritual help

Withering Touch


Withering Touch - Sacrifices a corpse to your god.


When performed on a corpse, this ritual offers the flesh to the priest's god, in exchange for being able to absorb the life force contained within to continuously heal the priest's wounds. This ritual requires a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform, and may only be performed on a suitable sacrifice.


This ritual may not be impressed as a ward.


> perform withering touch on corpse
You sing Gufnork's funeral dirge.
You envision energy flowing out of the corpse.
You envision the energy flowing into you.
The corpse of a poor beggar dissolves into a puddle of greenish ichor.
You hear chittering inside your head, followed by a burst of energy and a slow draining feeling, coupled with a quiet whining.

Hp: 184(4012) Gp: 763(773) Xp:1189391
Hp: 307(4012) Gp: 757(773) Xp:1189444
Hp: 377(4012) Gp: 751(773) Xp:1189480

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Fish and Hat.