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Unquiet Spirit

Discworld ritual help

Unquiet Spirit


Unquiet Spirit — Recalls a recently departed spirit from the afterlife


Unquiet Spirit recalls a recently departed spirit from their particular afterlife to defend you. This ritual requires a dagger, a lit candle, a holy symbol and prayer book containing the prayer "Piercing the Veil".

Once summoned, the spectre may be commanded using the 'order' command.


This ritual may not be impressed as a ward.


> perform unquiet spirit
You speak the prayer of separation.
You hum a hymn of binding.
You heat the stiletto over the candle flame.
You carve a glyph into the corpse of a poor beggar with the stiletto.
The corpse of a poor beggar crumbles to dust, seemingly drained of something vital.
The pained spectre wails loudly with an eerie 'OooOoOoOOOoooooooOoooOooooOOOOOOoooooooOoo'.

> syntax order
Forms of syntax available for the command 'order':
order <object> [to] unprotect <creature>
order <object> [to] {protect|defend} <creature>
order <object> [to] follow
order <object> [to] {kill|attack} <creature>
order <object> [to] leave
order <object> [to] focus on <creature>

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Fish and Hat.