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Turn Undead

Discworld ritual help

Turn Undead


Turn Undead - Harm undead creatures with holy power.


This ritual is of use against undead creatures, damaging them with the holy power of your god. A holy symbol consecrated to your god is required to turn the undead.


> perform turn undead on zombie
You start to chant the rite of Exorcism.
You point your set of sapphire prayer beads at a smelly grey zombie.
You reach the critical point of your chant.
You raise your set of sapphire prayer beads on high, and it starts to heat up.
The smelly grey zombie bursts into flames.
You killed the smelly grey zombie.
A mass of grimy rags falls to the ground.
The smelly grey zombie crumbles to dust.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Pishe and Gufnork.