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Searing Touch

Discworld ritual help

Searing Touch


Searing touch — Makes an enemies armour burn with the power of your God


Searing Touch, when performed on an enemy, causes armour chosen by your god to become extremely hot. This piece of armour will be chosen from the topmost layer of what the target is wearing. The target will continue to receive severe burns until the armour is taken off. A holy amulet and a holy symbol consecrated to your god are required in order to perform this ritual.


> perform searing touch on Taffyd
You close your eyes and briefly meditate upon your anger.
You pray for the flames of righteous wrath to torment your enemies until their weaknesses are uncovered.
Taffyd squirms and looks uncomfortable. Thin wisps of smoke rise from a pair of torn trousers.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Hat and Sek.