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Food of Life

Discworld ritual help

Food of Life


Food of life - Enchant flesh for later use.


This ritual uses allows you to enchant pieces of meat to hold healing power, which will be released on consumption of the aforementioned flesh.

You will need some parsley to perform this ritual correctly (gods are fussy eaters) and of course the meat that you wish to use.


> perform food of life on eye
You hold a human right eye aloft.
You squeeze the blood from a human right eye, offering it to Hat.
You garnish a human right eye with some parsley.
You ask Hat to hold the life force in a human right eye.
You watch as the blood that you squeezed from the human right eye dissolves the parsley garnish and changes into purple-black ichor, gleaming slightly.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Hat and Sek.